Dec 22, 2014

Exploring Color at The Studio

Exploring Color at The Studio will be a wonderful month of learning, practicing hands-on, and developing your color mixing and color matching skills so you have more confidence as an artist. God gave you your creativity, it’s your responsibility to develop and nurture it for His glory. He has placed images in you that need to be released. And if you are like me, I often feel ill-equipped and ill-trained, which drives my fear…then I never even try to express what He’s put in me. It’s the heart of Infused Arts in 2015 to change this! We want to help you become better equipped artists with hungry hearts to hear what God is speaking to you and encourage you to confidently release it into this world that so desperately needs His beauty, His truth, His love – through you, His beloved artist.

Here’s the details about how the month will shape up – LOTS of practice mixing colors!:
  • Jan 8 – Exploring the Color Wheel – mixing colors and making a color wheel sample 
  • Jan 15 – Exploring Moods in Art through Color – more practice mixing colors, introducing shade, tone and tints
  • Jan 22 – Exploring Color: Emotions – this will be our main project so I’m not gunna give too many details about it! Haha! But I will tell you that the only colors that will be out will be red, yellow, blue, white and black… yes, by the end of the month, you will develop mad skills at mixing colors. 
I will be ordering the color wheels very soon for the Exploring Color at The Studio, first class of three is on Thursday, Jan 8. Fee for the three weeks is $10, which includes a full-size Red-Blue-Yellow artist color wheel and all supplies for the projects. NOTE: If you have a color wheel already and don’t need another one, the revised fee for the three weeks is $5 – to cover the supplies. Please let me know if you don’t need a color wheel when you register for the studio.
If you haven't registered yet, it's not too late! Please RSVP (via email) by Sunday, 12/28 so I can place the order on Monday, 12/29. 
January 29 is Open Studio, $5 (canvas panel and art supplies)
For those of you who attend the first 3 weeks of The Studio - we’ll have a cool prompt for you continuing to nurture your skill building in using the color wheel and mixing color. But that prompt will be an option. Not a must. Only if you are up for the challenge! J Otherwise, this Open Studio will function as usual. 
NOTE: Open Studio is the last Thursday of every-other-month (Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov)
The Planning team is SO excited about Jan @ The Studio! Hope to see you there! 
Merry Merry Christmas to you and a very blessed 2015 filled with the Joy of the Lord!
deAnn Roe - Infused Arts Director

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