Jul 19, 2016

Thursday Night Creativity

HI friends!

I trust your summer has been amazing so far. My only complaint is that it’s going way too fast. J

Things at Infused Arts are moving along well despite the lower attendance - which happens every summer. I want to let you know what’s happening the next few weeks on our creative Thursday Nights.

·         This week, July 21st is The Studio. We have been exploring the basic elements of art so far this year and on Thursday we’ll work with Line & Shape. There is no fee for this session. We’ll work with markers and colored pencils. Line and shape seems so, well – boring. But meshed with color and texture (two other elements of art that we’ve studied so far), it will be fun and exploratory. I hope you join us in the coffee bar from 6:30 to 8:30pm.

·         Next week, July 28th is our DUO night; featuring both Open Studio at The Studio and Open Writing at The Write Space. This evening is geared to give you time and space to work on a creative project, be it visual art or literary. Start something new or bring your WIP (work in progress). Creating in community is pretty cool. Open Studio meets in the coffee bar at 6:30pm and is $6 if you use our supplies, free if you bring your own. Open Writing meets in room 112 at 6:30pm, the normal location for The Write Space.

Looking ahead:

August 4th is The Collective – Discover a deeper relationship with God as you move out in your creative endeavors. This creative community is geared for ALL people and is more spiritually formative than art making. We meet in the coffee bar from 6:30 to 8:30pm.

And don’t forget about First Friday York on August 5th. I hope to see you downtown supporting the art scene in York!

Be in joy friends. May your creativity increase and your love for others flow freely. Blessings to you~


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