Apr 30, 2009

Pages Recap

Well, what fun we had tonight at our first Pages gathering!

We did less writing than expected but it was awesome getting to know each other and learning where each of us are on our own writing journeys.

For ten minutes and with the prompt of "mud pies," we completed a free write to loosen up our minds...and to watch Jeff freak out. (haha) Free writing was a new experience for him and he did NOT freak! He did a great job and had a nice piece of work to show for it.

As a group we decided to have a monthly writing assignment. We'll write on a given topic and bring a copy of our work to the next gathering, May 14. The topic is "Rebellious Behavior." Write at least two full pages on this topic - it can be about your rebellious behavior, a family member's, friends, or dream up someone fictitious. This assignment is for practice ~ because as writers we need to practice!

If you missed tonight's Pages gathering and will make the next one, you too can write about the topic and bring your copy with you in May. Should be some fun stories!

Grace & peace with your writing life ~ deAnn

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