Apr 28, 2009

Thursday Pages

We will have our first Pages writers gathering this Thursday, 4/30 at 7:00 PM in the small conference room at Living Word Community Church. (The small conference room is across the hall from the kitchen.) This group is for intentional and committed writers - those who have projects in mind or heart and can benefit from a dedicated time of writing and connecting with others with the same passion.

We will meet for 90 minutes - the first 30, I'll share about the mechanics of this group and we'll connect as writers for support and encouragement. I'll also be inviting special interest people to speak to us during this "non-writing" time. Then we will launch into 60 minutes of writing, individually (longer if you like, before they close and lock the building). Bring your preferred mode of writing, be it a notebook & pen or a laptop. You are free to "move about the cabin" in this 60 minutes, to find a comfortable and inspiring locale in which to write. Weather pending, outside would be lovely. Or depending on other events happening that evening, the coffee bar, main lobby, or youth area. would be nice too. Or you can happily stay in the small conference room. Where ever you land, that 60 minutes is for YOU to work on your writing.

This blog will be the source of updates regarding this writing group and I'll even have writing prompts, should you need ideas. So, if you haven't already done it, you may want to enter your email in the "for email updates" box on the right-hand sidebar. :0)

It's helpful for me if you were to RSVP for the writing gatherings. This way I know if the small conference room will be big enough or not.

Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions. This group is new and will morph as we go along! I'm trusting that the Holy Spirit will show up and guide our group as we venture into the unknown. I'm excited!

Grace & peace ~ deAnn

P.S. Beginning in May, Pages will meet regularly on the second Thursday of each month. So mark your calendars!


Bought as is said...

deAnn, I'm planning on being there. I cannot wait! [this is a really amazing present]

deAnn Roe said...

Thanks Brian, for letting me know. See you Thursday.