Jun 4, 2009

For Women Writers

The Ungrind is a great woman's webzine. Their webzine is interested in non-fiction, first-person narrative articles that deal with every day issues women face in areas including spiritual growth, friendship, marriage, motherhood, career, finances, culture, and suffering. Click here to see what you need to know in order to submit your written pieces.

They do topics each month as well. So check it out, write something and submit it.
A word of advice, be sure to read every word about written submissions. Often each place has very specific ways they want the pieces to be submitted and what style they are looking for, etc. And, be sure to fully read the magazine and become familiar with their style and content. This way you will know exactly what the feel is so you can write your work to fit their genre.
So, ladies - "go for it!"
grace & peace ~ deAnn

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