Jun 25, 2009

Photo Contest - Reflections

Hey Aperture Photographers!

It's the photo above simply stunning? Yeah - I didn't take it. But a Flickr.com artists, Pensiero, took it in Rome. Click his name to see more of his pictures.

I'm thinking it would be FUN to have a little photo challenge/contest. Up for it? Here's the topic: REFLECTIONS. [Can you tell the photo above inspires me deeply?] For more inspiration and creative ideas to get you in the mood, click here.

the details:
  • from now to July 10 - capture some creative reflections.
  • submit up to three images to me (via email) by July 10.
  • I'll post them on this blog - then we'll vote.


  • photo editing is fine to enhance images
  • have fun, be creative, think outside the box
  • it's totally cool to ask the Holy Spirit for inspiration!!!

Ya dig?

Are you in?

I'm in!

leave a comment on this post if you're up for the challenge too!

thank you and enjoy!

grace & peace ~ deAnn

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