Dec 4, 2009

Inspiration for Photographers

I came across this beautifully done website for a photography studio in downtown York called, "The Susquehanna Photographic." If you want to be inspired, as I certainly was, look at their portfolio.

This Christmas season, instead of the typical holiday snapshots, re-image your subjects and be creative with your photography. Try snapping the photo from a different vantage point (instead of standing and taking the photo) or play with lighting, use a tripod for low lighting situation instead of flash (that is if your subject isn't a 2 year old zooming across the room!). This would be a fun PHOTO Challenge too - we've not had one for a while! More to come on that, but be thinking beyond the box when when you have your camera in hand over the holidays!

Happy Creating!

Grace & peace ~ deAnn

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