Dec 2, 2009

The Studio Recap - November

It's a little late in coming, but here is the recap from the studio in November. In December, the studio is Wednesday, 12/16 at 7pm in the coffee bar at Living Word. The studio seeks to connect artists to artists: artists to the community: artists to the church: and artists to our God.
November 18 ~ the studio: where visual artists gather

Connecting Artist to Community

First Friday York and Lancaster, Friday December 4 (Day after Tomorrow!)

Cool websites to check out:

  • This is Melody Hogan’s website (Chris Gold’s cousin)
  • Here’s Melody’s blog
  • The New Renaissance Rising website
  • The New Ren Rising blog
  • International Arts Movement
  • The Arts @ LW blog

Connecting Artist to the Church

January group exhibit featuring the studio artists.

Submit two or three pieces of art, wall hung or 3D, on or before Wed 12/16 (which is the studio date in December - just bring your artwork to the studio). Attach a gallery inventory sheet (email deAnn to receive one) with each art piece numbered according to the numbers on the inventory sheet.

Email the info about each art piece to deAnn and I’ll print out art labels that will hang with your piece. I’ll need an artist statement/bio, focusing not only on your schooling and artistic accomplishments but more importantly on how you experience God’s presence as you move into your creative endeavors – this info will go in the gallery booklet, the heart behind the art. Be sure to include your website, email, and phone should someone be interested in your work. My contact info: or 755-0089 x126.

Connecting Artist to God

Worship is a state of spirit. The meaning of the New Testament Greek word most often translated “worship” (proskuneo) is “to fall down before” or “bow down before.” It’s from the inside out, with purity of heart and openness to the movement of the Holy Spirit within us. I visualize worship as a mingling of my spirit with the Holy Spirit.

Typical ways of worship: Music on Sunday mornings, singing, silent prayer, raising hand towards heaven, standing up, kneeling.

But we are not all created the same. What may be a way of meaningful worship to one may not be so meaningful to another. God’s wired us all differently. I feel close to God and am lead into a spirit of worship when I'm in nature, particularly with my dSLR in hand. Observing every little thing, being in amazement of God's grace and creation, I attempt to capture the moment digitally with my camera. I look for God through my lens. As artists, we may experience God powerfully through the creation of an art project. Your creativity very well may be the special "language" between you and God - a way of Him speaking to you and you listening and responding. How are some ways you experience God and “fall down before Him” in worship?

Can you consider, as artists, that our creative/artistic bent can be a powerful way to meet with God, to hear His voice, to feel His love, and receive His grace all in the context of worshiping Him? Art is way more than creating something asthetically pretty. It can be a prayerful reflection of your life with God, your translation of how you see the world, and a significant way to listen to that still small Voice speaking into your heart. What is He saying to you?

Grace & peace,


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