Jun 18, 2010


At Thursday’s monthly Pages, nine of us gathered to take an hour and a half out of our busy schedules to focus on our writing ability within the context of community.

We began with brief introductions and included sharing what types of writing we lean toward. Then we moved to the writing prompt of what my son and his girlfriend found when they went kayaking earlier in the month. (see the picture attached in this post).

After about ten minutes, several people shared their written words with the group, each insightful to the writer’s heart. The final hour was without verbal words, but pens were to paper or fingers were to the keyboard as every person focused on their personal writing endeavors.

An encouragement over the summer keep your pen (or keyboard) moving even though it could be easy to let them go on vacation :-0!
~ Celesa H.

See you for July Pages, 7/8 at 7:00 PM.

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