Dec 31, 2010

Being Made

One night when I couldn’t sleep, my mind wandered in prayer to the upcoming gallery exhibits. That’s when this crazy idea came to me—a whole exhibit featuring unfinished works of art, everything in a process of being made, just like us. We are all unfinished works of God’s creativity—being made into His image with every breath we take.

It’s easy to see that some of these pieces are not finished. For a few others, it’s harder to tell. But to the artist who created the piece, it’s clear to him/her that they are not yet done. In church, we may see someone and think “wow, they have it all together,” but the fact is, they are still a work in progress, just like you and just like me. This side of heaven, we are unfinished, undone, and being made. Messy and mysterious, yet in His hands, we are being crafted into the person He longs for us to be...if we aren’t resistant to His work in our lives.

As you look upon this unique exhibit, may you sense God’s creative handiwork in your life and embrace it as He completes the work He’s doing in you. Like the artwork hanging in this exhibit, you too, are being made.

"Being Made" runs January 2 through January 30, 2011 at The Gallery @ Common Grounds. Be sure to pick up a copy of the gallery booklet, The Heart Behind the Art: Being Made. Click here to read it online.
Grace & peace,


Anonymous said...

What a great idea DeAnn! Imagine what would happen if the church would embrace one another in our various states of process and be vulnerable about showing rather than hiding our unfinished places. This is an awesome expression of the gospel on many levels. I hope to see it Sunday.

deAnn Roe said...

Thank you Joan!! :) Happy New Year, too!