Dec 1, 2010

Special Night at The Studio

Our monthly artists gathering this month, The Studio, will be a special one. Not because it comes just 10 days before Christmas but because the current showing artist in The Gallery @ Common Grounds, Matthew J. Carpenter, will be here and will share his love of photography.

Matthew is a graduate of Messiah College, majoring in Adventure Education. While at Messiah, he took several photography classes and fell in love with the artform. He has much experience in the dark room and using a variety of cameras and films. To read more about him, click here.

The Studio is Wednesday, December 15 at 7:00pm in The Gallery @ Common Grounds, Living Word Community Church. We hope you come to hear Matthew's story, view his outstanding photography, hang out with other artists, and drink an unlimited supply of Seattle's Best coffee and feast on festive holiday sweets, just in case you didn't get enough at Thanksgiving. The evening will be awesome, I'm sure of it. See you there.

Please email me with any questions...

grace & peace ~ deAnn

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