Mar 3, 2011

Silhouette of Grace

About this exhibit:

I have to say, the Global Mission’s exhibit is one of my very favorites of the entire year. Vividly colorful images fill the walls of the gallery and the cabinets house interesting artifacts and knick-knacks from far away lands.

In March of 2009 we did something different in the gallery booklet, The Heart Behind the Art, we took a cue from Acts 14:27-28, “On arrival, they got the church together and reported on their trip, telling in detail how God had used them to throw the door of faith wide open so people of all nations could come streaming in” (The Message). Each page of The Heart Behind the Art was packed with wonderful stories from our church family who have traveled on short-term mission trips. It was one way to live into the Acts passage.

Well, we are doing it again this year. In this edition, we have thirty-six pages of stories from people willing to share their experiences of God and His people. You’ll find stories of faith, trust, gratitude, and life-changing occurrences. I know you will be moved by their words and images as you read through this booklet, “Silhouette of Grace,” a special edition of The Heart Behind the Art.

If you have a story to share for next year’s booklet, please contact me. I’d love to include your experience in the 2012 Global Mission Focus exhibit.

Grace & peace,

deAnn Roe

Director of Creative Arts
LWCC York, Pa

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