Sep 15, 2011

To Whom It May Inspire

I was reading Doug Puller's blog and came across a post that he re-posted from nQuo. It's titled "To Whom It May Inspire." It's a letter from Pixar animator, Austin Madison (@munchanka on Twitter). Click on the link and read the letter in full. Austin offers advice and encouragment to all creative minds.

This is my favorite sentence from Austin's letter: "So next time you hit writer’s block, or your computer crashes and you lose an entire night’s work because you didn’t hit save (always hit save), just remember: you’re never far from that next burst of divine creativity."

Austin's words are for artists of all mediums. Our source of inspiration is as close as our breath. And He desires to breathe His divine creativity into each of us. Seek Him out. Ask for inspiratin and then wait. You will be surprised, I'm sure of it.

Thank you Doug for posting this on your blog!

Grace & peace,

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