Sep 3, 2011

Urban Art @ The Studio

The Studio runs Wednesday's in September, 9/7, 9/14, 9/21, & 9/28
from 6:30-8PM in coffee bar rooms A & B.
September's theme is URBAN ART: when heaven scrapes the sidewalk
Urban Artist, Maggie Flenning will share on Wednesday, 9/7 and also give us a few of her tips on drawing and using mixed media.
Maggie's art is personal - they are snapshots of her life and her journey with Jesus. We thank her for sharing her work and her heart with us at The Studio.

Graffiti artist, Ramon Trevino will share his passion for Jesus and his gift of graffiti, legal graffiti! Ramon's work has been on display several times at LWCC ~ colorful, passionate, and meaningful, you can't leave his presence feeling inspired to dive into your God-given creativity.
On Wednesday, 9/14, Ramon will tell us his amazing testimony and how God grabbed his heart when life was at its lowest. As a new Christ follower, Ramon struggled with the gift of graffiti he has and how it can be redeemed for the One who saved him. Well, I'll let Ramon fill in the rest of the story. At The Studio on Wednesday, 9/21, we will actually get tips from Ramon and we'll be set free to work on a few canvases - collaboratively.
If you plan to participate in the graffiti project on Wednesday, 9/21, we ask that you'd chip in $5 to help cover the art supplies needed. We also ask that you'd be in PRAYER that the weather that evening will be nice. We don't really want to spray paint inside the building and have people getting high from the fumes. Yeah, that would be bad. So, pray for NICE weather, please! :0)

Lastly, bring your sketch book each night of The Studio as we'll be drawing on 9/7 and you may choose to make notes or what have you at other times.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Email deAnn or call 717 755 0089 x126.

see you Wednesday,

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