Oct 11, 2011

Official Opening for Sacred Path

After years of dreaming, months of planning, and weeks of installation, the Sacred Path and  Prayer Gardens officially opens on Sunday, October 16, 2011 on the property of Living Word Community Church.

Come, rest and be still before the Lord. This rustic, half-mile mulch path meanders peacefully around the front perimeter of Living Word's property, weaving in-and-out of pine and maple trees and along fields of corn. There are five beautifully landscaped prayer gardens along this path, each having a sign post featuring a thoughtful quote or scripture for reflection and contemplation. Bring your journals and spend time with God in His creation and receive a little rest for you soul. Or simply take a quiet walk in His presence.

The Sacred Path's entrance is near the Belle Road driveway. It is a "point-to-point" path, meaning it does not loop. It ends near the Cape Horn driveway. You may find parking in the front of the church near the carport is best. That is pretty much half way between the path entrance and the exit. There are certainly not hard-fast rules about which place to enter the path, so be creative and begin where you feel lead. There are no lights on the path so please use it from dawn to dusk.

We'd love to hear your feedback about your experience with this Sacred Path and Prayer Gardens. Leave a comment on this post or on the "Sacred Path" tab at the top of this website. All comments are moderated and will be published upon review.

May you have a beautiful encounter with God as you walk the Sacred Path.

grace & peace,

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Bought as is said...

Though I have not walked this path, yet. I would like to thank all involved with it's creation. Walking, in nature, with the God who is responsible for it's inception, has been a very healing experience for me over the years. As well as a way to draw closer to Him than I previously believed possible.
...hope photos are ok...