Oct 18, 2011

Pages - Creating a Space to Write

Wow - a whole room dedicated to reading and writing!
Having a comfortable place to create, whether you are a visual artist or writer, is quite important. But it can also hold you back from fully using your gifts. What I mean by this is, I'll use me for example and the abuse, I have a small house - filled to the brim with life. There is literally no "extra" bedroom or general space to set up a quaint writing studio or arts studio. I too often allow that reason to keep me from writing or creating art. Sometimes I feel I need a dedicated creative space in order to create. But if I'm really honest with myself, that is a cop-out attitude. It's laziness. It's a lack of trust in my gifts. It's a reason to procrastinate. "I'd like write more, but I just don't have a space that makes me feel inspired."

Inspiration is necessary to create. And spaces can certainly be inspiring or uninspiring. The images below appeal to me as inspiring places to create. However, even having a nice place to write doesn't change my heart. I need to want to write. How badly do I want it? Will I write only if I have a spiffy place to do it? Or will I be creative with the space I actually have. My house. My little humble home... will I choose to look at my spaces differently and see possibility instead of frustration.

I'm pretty sure we'll never be financially set to afford a writer's or artist's shed on a melancholy beach overlooking the grey seas in Nova Scotia. Or have an English country backyard with vines and ivy growing over tall wooden fences like a secret garden. So, I must look again at home on Main Street, ask God for inspiration to create a lovely space with what I have and then ask Him for more inspiration to do the hard part - writing.

Yes, what I am saying is that I often use the excuse of not having a space to create to justify why I don't create. Oh, I feel the conviction right now settling in on my heart. I sense God saying to me, "Use your gifts where you are." Okay Lord. You are right. But it would be lovely to have one of the spaces in the images below. :0)

Tomorrow night at Pages, Emily will be covering this topic in more depth. I hope you can join us! We meet at 6:30 PM in the large conference room at LWCC. Bring your notebook and favorite writing utensil. See you then!

I could handle this space.

Very Hobbit-ish. I like it!

I can see a Monk sitting at this window pondering the sensations of his heart and love for God.


Sorry for the "advertisment." But I just LOVE this little writing shed!

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