Oct 1, 2012

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Join us at Infused Arts as we have our very first totally social event centered around a fiercely competitive pumpkin carving contest! Okay, not so fierce, but we definately want to see some cool creativity flowing onto pumpkins!

Melody Martin will host this event at their home in York. We are limited to about 15-20 people (adults only, please) as her house isn't gigantic.

  • Saturday, October 13th, 4pm to 7pm (hey, it takes time to create a masterpiece!)
  • Location will be given after you contact deAnn to sign up.
Here's what to bring:
  • A pumpkin (and tools if you have some)
  • $5 for pizza
  • Massive amounts of creativity!
Here's what we'll provide:
  • Some carving tools
  • Know-how, in case this is your first carving experience
  • A cool environment all ready for your creation
So, if you want to join us, please contact deAnn via email or by calling the church, 755-0089 x126. Deadline to sign up is Thursday 10/11 at 10pm.

Here are few ideas to get the creative juices flowing... (I really dig the first one and the last one where you don't carve all the way through the pumpkin, very cool!)

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