Nov 23, 2012

Friday Prayer

Forgive me, Lord Jesus, for the things that I have done that make me feel uncomfortable in Your presence.  The front that I polish so well for people to see does not deceive You. 

For You know every thought that has left its shadow on my memory.  You have marked every motive that curdled something sweet within me. 

I acknowledge, with sorrow and true repentance, that:
          I have desired that which I should not have;
          I have toyed with what I knew was not for me;
          I have been preoccupied with self-interest;
          I have invited unclean thoughts into my mind and
entertained them as honored guests.
          My ears have often been deaf to Your whisper;
          My eyes have been often been blind to the signs of
Your guidance. 

Make me willing to be changed, even though it requires surgery of the soul. And the therapy of discipline. 

Make my heart warm and soft, that I may receive and accept now the blessings of Your forgiveness. 

~written by Peter Marshall

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