Nov 7, 2012

What Lens Do You See Through?

Prime, Zoom, Ultrawide, Wide, Telephoto, Specialty lens, Macro

All of these types of lenses meet specific needs in photography. Depending on what you are trying to capture will depend on the lens you choose. For me, there is another depth to the lens that I see through that is not quite as tangible.
About 4 years ago I began noticing things around me on my daily walk in a way that I hadn’t before. There was a depth to my outside world that hadn’t been there in my younger years. Discovering and absorbing God’s creation in a unique way became a new aspect of connecting with Him. Amazement in the wonder of sunrise, the beauty of clouds, the soaring of birds, the nuances in smells, the tones in sounds…many details that I hadn’t noticed before. 

Have you ever give that much thought? What if the enjoyment of photography was more than getting all the settings right or learning everything that your camera has to offer?

The next time you are out and about, as you are preparing to snap the next picture, take time for the depths of colors in the sky, watch the rapidness of the sunrise and how quickly the atmosphere changes, take time to count the variety of birds there are. Close your eyes for a few minutes and notice the sounds and smell in God’s creation, what do you notice that you hadn’t before? If you are not an outside kind of person, find a way to change what I have described to match with what you gravitate toward in photography.

Some questions you can ask God as you begin think about photography through a not so tangible lens…

What perspective do I need in this moment?
What lens am I seeing through?
What do You want me to see God?

Encounter for the month: The beauty in the fall colors have been lovely. Now that many leaves are on the ground take some time over the next few weeks and choose one or more of the questions above to ask God to help you be a little more intentional about what you are capturing. Please post your experience both in photo and in word. We would enjoy seeing and hearing about it!

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