Jan 9, 2013

Thinking Outside the Box

A good friend of mine sent me this article:
What Steve Jobs Taught Me About Creativity.
Because I associate photography with creativity, and feel intimidated by the name Steve Jobs, I wondered if I was going to feel under qualified by the conclusion of the article.  To my surprise, that is not what happened.

Several statements from the article captured my attention as I thought about my photography abilities.

Know Your Talent, Not Stuff~But what Jobs laced in expertise, he made up for in his ability to think outside the box.

Learning the basics of your camera is necessary, but once that has taken place, as you think about the way you engage with photography, where do you think outside the box?  What thins about your photography make it unique?

Thinking Beats Knowing~We can each bring to our field an ability to think differently.  There may be someone who has a better grasp of lenses...but if you can see something that they can't see, you've got all you need to succeed.

Have you ever thought about success in this way? How can you begin to think differently as things capture your attention that you want to share with others?

If these statements are as thought-provoking to you as they were tome, maybe the questions fromt he first article I posted a few months ago would help trigger some creativity:

What perspective do I need in this moment? What lens am I seeing through?  Ask God what He wants you to see.

The concluding statement of the article was this: The most important lesson that I learned from Steve Jobs was that what I know is less important than how I think.

As you engage in photography these winter months, ask God how you can be creative for His glory.

Show your creativity by posting a few winter pictures.  I would love to see them!


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