Jan 30, 2013

In the Middle

Caspar David Friedrich - Abbey in Eichwald

February @ The Studio
Title/theme: "In the Middle" - led by Lancaster artist Paul Pearce.

"Reflecting on the tension that we live in and working it out though the creative process."  This will be a very powerful month at The Studio - addressing the deep questions in life and expressing ourselves, this tension we live in, onto canvas using paint and mixed-media. This is open for all creatives and artists. No need to have painting experience. Just a willingness to be led by the Holy Spirit.

Cost $5 for materials and art supplies.

Week 1 (Feb/6) ~ Surface Tension - the art of knowing
Week 2 (Feb 13) ~ Shalom - the art of giving
Week 3 (Feb 20) ~ Comfort Zone - the art of breaking
Week 4 (Feb 27) ~ East of Eden - the art of living

CHILDCARE AVAILABLE for Feb@The Studio!!! (This is a first!) It's $3 a child per night, so $12 for the month per child up to age 12. To register for childcare: http://lwccyork.com/childcare

We are very exciting to have Paul with us again! His last visit was March@TS last year when we had a month focus on color. You will remember him, he's the guy with the British accent. :)
To sign up for Feb@ The Studio, please email deAnn.
See you next week!

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