Feb 6, 2013

In the Beginning God Created...

In the Beginning God Created....

A recurring theme for me this year has been the story of creation in the first chapter of Genesis. Throughout the year I have heard about creation through messages, lyrics, books, and conversations. When I began to become aware of this theme, I started to pay closer attention.  Since one of the ways that I connect with God is by being in His creation, I do not tire of the creation story. As I began pondering this, I realized that anything we take a photograph of is part of creation in some form. There are many different directions we could take with this topic, but what stands out for me is the explicit detailed attention that God gave to the uniqueness of everything He created. It is utterly amazing when I contemplate the vastness of it all.

Bearing God's image is an important aspect of the creation story. This is nothing new in one sense, but as a photographer it takes on a new meaning. For anyone who enjoys photography at any level we get the privilege of reflecting the image of God in a unique way.  Our own uniqueness as a photographer is part of it, and what we reflect  will capture different parts of the wonder of His creation. Some photographers gravitate toward capturing the essence of people, whether they are celebrating life, participating in sports, or just being.  Others are pulled toward nature in all its various forms: the insect world, the animal kingdom, landscapes, or the majesty of the sky.  In all of this what we end up doing is literally reflecting the image of God.

Have you ever thought about how you reflect creation in the uniqueness of your photography? What would it be like to ask this question the next time you are capturing a photo: "How do you want me to reflect Your image, Lord?"  Prayerfully consider asking God to show you in a new way the depth and detail of His creation in whatever you gravitate toward in your photography.

As you capture God's image over the next few weeks please post them.


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