Oct 11, 2013

Bruised Reed

"Bruised Reed" by deAnn Roe, the Hidden Me canvas focus.

We are two canvases into our Spiritual Self-Portrait exercise this month at The Studio. Last week we created the first canvas, "The Obvious Me." Last night we made our second canvas, "The Hidden Me." Next week, we conclude with the glorious, "Created Me" canvas - the me that Jesus died for me to be.

What a powerful exercise this is, to commune intimately with God and think deeply about who we are in Him...and who He is in us.

It's not too late to join us. The 4th Thursday this month is our "make up" evening, a night to complete your canvases or start one that you missed. The 5th Thursday this month is our sharing night... we'll show our three canvases, enjoy awesome fellowship, and of course, do some light eating. Art and food, a beautiful combination.

Join us this month at The Studio - for BeComing Imago Dei. Let your creativity interact with your relationship with God. You will be surprised by what happens...

Joy and peace,

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