Oct 25, 2013

Open Studio & Wild Abstracts

November at The Studio is our EXPLORE month.
Due to Thanksgiving, we are only meeting on these dates: 11/7, 11/14, and 11/21.

 here's the rundown...
  • Thursday, 11/7 - OPEN STUDIO! Bring your project and work on it in community. OR for $5 you can get an 11x14 canvas panel and use of all art supplies and let your creativity run amok!
  • Thursday, 11/14 & 11/21 - "Wild Abstracts: Surrendering to the Spirit" Fee for these two weeks is $10 and that gets you a 30"x30" stretched canvas. We'll be creating artwork inspired by artist Jackson Pollock. NOTE: Please sign up by Friday, 11/1 so that we can order your stretched canvas. Email deAnn to reserve your spot.
Here are the details for these two evenings at The Studio:
 We will focus on the art of Jackson Pollock, the innovator of a controversial, (is it really art?) loose form of abstract painting in the mid 20th century. Most of his work is energetic, vibrant and full of motion. We will learn how to swirl, drip, fling and flick latex wall paint onto large canvases using sticks, rulers, syringes, brushes, whisks and other unconventional tools (some may use their fingers and hands) to create fun, colorful pieces in the Pollack style of art.
NO PAINTING OR DRAWINGS SKILLS ARE GOING TO BE UTILIZED, so this is a class ANYONE would enjoy. Just surrender to the process of listening to the Spirit as He guides your hand and paint over the canvas.
The first week will involve a short introduction to the artist Jackson Pollack and some brief instruction. Then, you will have the opportunity to experiment with some techniques using a smaller "trial canvas" we will provide. When you feel ready, we will give you a 30 X 30 stretched canvas (included in class fee) on which to unleash your creation. In the second week, we will fellowship together to make a huge collaborative work of art.
What to bring:
  • A sense of FUN
  • Old kitchen utensils, wire whisks, rulers, sticks, brushes and other things to manipulate paint that you don't mind getting latex house paint on.
  • Any left over latex paint from previous home projects that you want to get rid of. We will supply some paint, so don't let the fact that you have none to bring keep you from coming to the classes! You can purchase some sample colors from Lowes or Home Depot if you want specific colors.   
  • Large containers (like large empty Cool Whip containers) to put paint in from the buckets.
  • If you are not comfortable getting paint on your hands, we suggest a pair of gloves to protect them (like the ones used to wash dishes by hand) .
THIS CLASS WILL BE MESSY, so wear old clothes that you don't' mind getting paint on. However, to keep the church paint-less, we will be cautious!

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