Mar 31, 2015

Prayer Gardens

When I'm outside walking in the woods or among a pretty garden, it's easy for me to feel close to God. Nature is one of my spiritual pathways. Maybe it's the same for you too.

Here at Living Word, we have a beautiful half mile nature path with five unique prayer gardens for contemplation and journaling. Four times a year, changing with the seasons, we publish a devotional guide to accompany you on your journey along the Sacred Path. You can pick up a garden devotional guide from the coffee bar lobby, in the stand near the entrance.

It is that time of year when we are looking for ministry partners to join the Garden Care Team to help keep the five prayer gardens tidy and growing well for those walking the Sacred Path. If you enjoy gardening, I invite you to consider adopting a prayer garden for a month. In that month, depending on weather conditions, you will water, pull weeds, and clean up any unwanted debris. We provide a Garden Cart (electric golf cart) for your convenience that features a watering system and room for your tools and any debris you collect. It's a very relaxing and enjoyable ministry to be involved with.

You make your own schedule. It's recommended that each gardener tends to their prayer garden two times a week (or more, if needed, especially in the dry seasons when plants need many sips.) Bring your own gardening tools and gloves and we provide the rest, even a Garden Orientation to help you get started!

If this sounds appealing to you and want to hear more about serving on the Garden Care Team, don't hesitate to contact me, deAnn Roe via email or call the church at 717-755-0089 x126.

Currently, we have many prayer gardens available from April through October 2015. Take your pick!

Hope to serve beside you on the Garden Care Team this season!

Be in joy!
deAnn Roe

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