Mar 17, 2015

Update on The Well

Hello friends!

I want to give you a little update about The Well.

Sadly, there won't be an installation for the Lenten/Easter season. We are planning on one for the summer-time and one in the fall for this year. In 2016, we'll have three installations.

There are some big changes happening with The Well!

First, it's under new leadership - Pastor Brian is now overseeing and leading this sacred space instead of the Infused Arts Team. You may or may not notice any changes there. The Infused Arts team will still be creating the visual aspects of The Well and creating the overall atmosphere of the space.

Secondly, it's being moved from the Life Center to room 350, in the Kid::Life area. It's a much smaller space so the feel will be quite different, however, it's a more intimate setting. A benefit of this move is that The Well will be up for two weeks instead of only 5 days. That's a big YAY!

We have our first planning meeting on Sunday, 3/29 after church so I'll have more for you then - please hold this project in your prayers as we move forward under these new changes!! I'm certain The Well will continue to be a space saturated by the Holy Spirit's presence and you will encounter Jesus at The Well.

Be in joy!

deAnn Roe

Director of Infused Arts

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