Aug 21, 2008

Evening at Lake Williams

Our family kept a friend's dog while they were away for the week. Bonnie is the dog's name and we just fell in love with her! We took her to Lake Williams one lovely evening and here are some shots from then. I love the colors of pink and blue as the sun set over the water.
Meet Bonnie - shaking the water from her fur. I like this shot because she's illuminated by the afternoon sun and partially in the shade of a tree.
Another sunset photo over Lake Williams.
I love messing around with my camera. I admit, I can't use it to it's fullest potential. I would love a lesson on digital SLR photography (note: I added a link list for online resources - look in the sidebar to the right). So, occasionally, I'll put it on full manual mode and try for some creative shots. This is not one of them. But it's neat nonetheless, I think.
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grace & peace ~ deAnn

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Bought as is said...

Love the photos. The "illuminated dog" photo reminds me of seeing my wife's hair with the sun shinning through it. [almost creates a "halo effect". -no, she's no saint -but that's good, she certainly didn't marry one!]. I have photo's from my trip to the cabin [just got back]. but I have a few emergencies [like a fire in my grill, tonight] to attend to first. I also need to arrange my internet differently. So if you don't hear from me... my "driveway" is being "re-paved". I also had a very wonderfully scary moment this weekend that I must share with you [my dad asked me to]. A hint: I may have a new poet/ artist for you. Hope you are mending well [& quickly]