Aug 18, 2008

Photo Field Trip images by deAnn

This photo holds so much emotion, fresh flowers on a grave. Misty morning air hovering over the valley. I'm happy with the way it turned out.
This photo of the Last Supper was a total mistake. I didn't have my lens hood on at the time and sunlight streamed into my lens. But the effect is pretty cool, considering the subject.
Here you can see a light golden glow on Jesus' face even though the statue is facing away from the morning sun. John held a reflector for this shot so the face can be seen.
This photo haunts me.

The above shots are by me, deAnn Roe, taken with my Olympus E500 dSLR. The scenes captured are from our photo field trip to Susquehanna Memorial Gardens, York, PA.

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Bought as is said...

Love the pictures deAnn. I think your vivid picture of the flowers haunts me, a bit. Lonely flowers, a small group, on a hill alone. I also liked the Lake Williams at sunset pic. Thanks for inviting me, & thanks for helping hold the reflector. Things are "back to normal" here. So I'll send you some pic.'s/ thoughts & I'll try to get a "visual blog" going. You must be feeling a bit better, the blogs are new. I'll have to look at the pic.'s in the coffee bar, thank God for friends. [my favorite gifts I've gotten are my friends]