Aug 4, 2008

Photo Field Trip

In the mood for a photo field trip?

When: This Saturday, 8/9
Where: Susquehanna Memorial Gardens
Time: 7:00am to 8:30am (give or take)
Bring: your camera, tripod, filters, etc
Weather: if it's raining, we'll postpone
Why there?: This cemetery has beautiful life sized statues, structures, wonderful trees and flowers. One of my favorites is the scene of Jesus teaching at the synagogue. It may seem odd to meet at a cemetery, but the grounds are gorgeous and as the sun creeps over the hill in the morning, the statues almost glow. I always wanted to experience their grounds through my lens. Don't worry, I got permission to do this, under one condition, we honor the families and do NOT take photos of the names on the tombstones.

This will be a peaceful and reverent field trip. Our approach to this will be one of prayerful anticipation of sensing God's presence as we meander the pretty memorial gardens, capturing creative images and getting to know other photographers in our church family.

No need to RSVP. If it's not raining, I'll be there shooting - even if no one else shows up. But it would be really cool to have a nice sized group. Invite who you like. Just keep in mind the reverence we should have for the beautiful memorial garden. Oh, feel free to bring a journal along too, in case you are moved to express through words or sketch.

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