Mar 18, 2010

Arts @ LWCC News Update

Last night was our monthly artists' gathering, the studio. We had some great discussion about what inspires us and how do we know when an art piece is done, actually DONE.

With our special Easter exhibit quickly approaching (April 4-April 25), many brought their piece and shared about it with our group, which was really awesome. This exhibit is shaping up to be very special. I can't wait. If you plan to submit a peice of artwork focusing on "what Easter means to you (the affect of the empty tomb on your spiritual life)," I'll need it by the middle of next week. I'll hang the exhibit the week of March 29th.

A reminder that in April, the studio will not meet in the coffee bar but will meet in the large conference room across the hall from the church kitchen. There is an event happening in the coffee bar that evening and they need the whole space. So, see you in the large conference room next month for the studio - that's April 21 at 7pm.

The May exhibit will focus on the theme of "April showers bring May flowers," so all the art work will feature the blooming side of May, flowers galore. All forms of artwork will be considered: paintings, sculptures, photography, collage, mosaic, etc. So, get busy creating and submit your peice(s) to deAnn by the week of April 19th (or bring it to the studio in April, 4/21). The May exhibit will run from May 2-June 11. Also, if you come up with a snazzy title for the May exhibit, email me and we'll post the titles on this blog - then we'll vote on which one to use. A arts community at work together!

This quote by the Trappist monk, Thomas Merton, stirred a lot of conversation last night: "Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time." Consider his words, as a creating artist, what does this mean to you? As an observer of other people's artwork, what does it mean to you?

Because I don't want to bore you with too much text in one single post, I'll reserve the remaining thoughts I have about creativity as a spiritual discipline for another day. Stay tuned.

Grace & peace,

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