Mar 17, 2010

PhotoChallenge: First Signs of Spring

Today's beautiful weather prompted me to slowly investigate any signs of life on the surface of my garden's soil. To my surprise a few slivers of greenery are poking up through the salty cinder remnents, decaying leaves, and last springs retired mulch. While spending a few moments snapping photos of the first signs of spring, one thing really hit me - the fact that my heart is much like the soil - thawing and somewhat ugly because of the harshness of winter - yet, fertile and ready to spring forth with abundant life. Through this quiet practice, God reminded me that I am alive and He longs to bring new things of beauty to life through me, just like He does every single spring since the beginning of time. I found myself deeply humbled in His presence. It's amazing what we can experience through our creative nature when we are open to His voice.

With all that said, how about a photo challenge? With your camera in hand, head out to your yard and look for first signs of spring. While you do this, consider the ways in which God is sprouting (or longs to sprout) new things of beauty in your life. Send me your photos and I'll post them on this blog.

Grace & peace ~


1 comment:

vawriter said...

You have snowdrops? If I were not a Christian, I'd covet those! I do have purple crocus (croci?) It is interesting to see green fingers poking through the dirt and not having a clue about what they are. Tulips, maybe? What color?