Apr 6, 2010

Evan's Spring Images - Photo Challenge

My soon-to-be 15 year old son, Evan, took these images with my Olympus E-500 yesterday. He used the close up kit (the cheap kind) to capture his images. He takes after me in so many ways!

A newly budding Tulip. He told me he separated the bud "leaves" a little bit so he'd get a better shot! That cracks me up.

A tiny grassland - all in our backyard. 
Awesome job, Evan! (p.s. the cover image on the hot-off-the-press April Inklings was taken by Evan).

With these crazy way-too-warm summer temperatures we've had the past few days, we may bound right from the newness of spring into the fulness of summer. I'm not ready for that. A little more spring, please?

If you have images of springtime, please email them me. I'd be happy to post them on the arts blog.

Stay cool outside today! A high of 86 is expected. Ugh.
Grace & peace ~ deAnn

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