Apr 8, 2010

PhotoWalk - New Oxford, PA

Hi there fellow photography lovers. Andy Smith of Visual Realia is hosting another awesome PhotoWalk, this time, in the quaint little town of New Oxford, PA. It's on Saturday, June 5 beginning at 10am. Mark you calendar!

Often the photography lovers of LWCC have gone on Andy's well organized and lovely PhotoWalks - we've never been disappointed. I hope you will attend this one in New Oxford. I hope to be there - but my baby girl is due on May 13...so, we'll have to see! :0)

Here is more info on this PhotoWalk via an email from Andy Smith:
* Our next walk will be in Pennsylvania’s historic New Oxford, conveniently located in Adams County along Route 30, the well known Lincoln Highway.

We will meet at 10:00 AM on June 5th on the town square for a wonderful walk, with photographs to be shared online afterward. As a new twist, all participants are invited (not required) to submit one photograph to be placed in a self-published photobook that can be purchased at cost. (Still trying to work on the best quality/price deal. More details to come.)


New Oxford is a typical small town, but one influenced by its location along one of the most travelled roads connecting Philadelphia and PIttsburgh. Its numerous homes built in the 1800s make it an obvious host for this photowalk.

Check the web site in the next few weeks as more information is added on the town, sharing photographs, photowalk details and maps, etc. To make sure you don’t miss any information, subscribe to the email list created specifically for the walk by emailing me.

Thanks! I hope to see you there.
Feel free to spread the word. :)
Well, with any luck, if Havah comes earlier in May, I just may be pushing her in a stroller at this photowalk!
Grace & peace ~ deAnn

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ostman said...

Looking forward to Havah being our youngest photowalker!