Dec 14, 2011

Being Remade

Tonight's "show and tell" at the Open Studio was beyond words. We had about 17 people share their canvases from November @ The Studio's IMAGO DEI workshop. Some people completed all three canvases others one or two. The three canvases are The Obvious Me, The Hidden Me, and the Created Me. Hearing each person explain their prayer-filled canvases with such vulnerability and honesty was incredible. We were on holy ground.
I know there are about 17 more who participated in Nov @ The Studio but their schedule didn't allow them to attend this evening. I can bet that many of them were also deeply touched by God's presence while working on their three canvases. I felt so privileged to hear how He is moving in people's lives as they expressed themselves through their mixed-media artwork.
God is at work in incredible ways. Art reveals, it transforms, and it heals... when we invite Him into our creative process through prayer.
In April 2012, we'll have a full exhibit at Living Word featuring our Imago Dei canvases. The walls will be filled with visual stories of Jesus' transforming love. April is the perfect month for this display as we humbly move into Good Friday's message of Jesus' passion beyond imagination - we are forgiven. The celebration that the empty tomb brings is that we are being transformed more and more into Imago Dei, the Image of God.
We are being remade. We have the chance to become the person that God created us to be. Thank you, Lord.
Thank you again for the artists and creatives who participated tonight. I hope to hear the stories of those of you who couldn't attend. Maybe we'll do another "show and tell" to give others a chance to share how they experienced God's love and truth through this workshop.

Grace & peace,

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amokarts said...

This looks fantastic. I have to find a way to get involved with this at some point.
God bless,