Dec 6, 2011

The Created Me Self-Portrait Workshop

Doug gets creative and finds a make-shift light box.

Matt & Luke working hard.

Abby and Vince in full creative mode.

Janet is cutting and pasting.

Michelle and her acrylic paints.

Maggie's beauty.

Mali's work.

Paint blob, evidence of creativity at its best.

Jenn's mixed media piece.

Bonita's canvas.

Laura's work of art as a work-in-progress.

Renee's masterpiece.

The beginning of Jess' Created Me self portrait.
We have completed the month long theme of Imago Dei at The Studio. Three self portraits were created by each person: The Obvious Me, The Hidden Me, and the Created Me. It was a very fruitful exercise and many were touched by the creative process that was steeped in prayer.

For a special treat, please come to the Open Studio on Wednesday, December 14 from 6:30-8:00 PM. Bring your canvases from November @ The Studio and share what the experience was like. See others works and hear their stories.

It will be a cool time of sharing and continuing to build community among artists.

Grace & peace,


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